These individuals were elected to represent not only the interests of Canada, but to also represent the interests of you, the voters who elected them to a majority government.

It was this majority government that overturned the decision by P3 Canada, who had granted approval of the City’s application, leaving you and I with out the possibility of any new recreation centers being built for the more than 300,000 people directly affected by the decision.

Please sign out petition and contact your MP.

Calgary Centre

Lee Richardson


1333 8th Street SW, Suite 333
Calgary, Alberta
T2R 1M6


Calgary Centre North

Michelle Rempel


105-1318 Centre St NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 2R7


Calgary East

Deepak Obhrai


Radisson Centre, Suite 225,

525-28th Street SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2A 6W9


Calgary Northeast

Devinder Shory


2635 – 37th Avenue NE, Suite 140
Calgary, Alberta
T1Y 5Z6


Calgary Nose Hill

 Hon. Diane Ablonczy


1107 17th Ave North West,
Calgary, Alberta
T2M 0P7


Calgary Southeast

Hon. Jason Kenney


1168-137 Ave SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 6T6


Calgary Southwest

The Right Hon. Stephen Harper


1600 – 90th Avenue SW,

Suite A-203
Calgary, Alberta
T2V 5A8


Calgary West

Rob Anders


11 Spruce Centre SW
Calgary, Alberta
T3C 3B3



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