Thanks to the outrage that Mayor Nenshi, Alderman Keating and other members on Calgary City Council have expressed, those in the Federal Government have forced to comment on why the application was denied.

Below is some recent news coverage that shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Member of Parliment Michelle Rempel  discussing why the our application was rejected, after it had been approved, as well as some screenshots of PPP Canada’s website prior to as of November 18, explaining that what the city had applied for was actually part of their program.

This is some news coverage from Global Calgary’s coverage of this important story. Of note, Prime Minister Stephen Haprer is asked about why the city’s application was declined. To paraphrase his response, ‘recreation was never intended as part of the PPP Canada program.”

The interesting thing is that as of November 18th, recreation was considered a core part of PPP Canada’s criteria.

Below is a cached version of the critera (that was changed last week once the City of Calgary received the rejection letter from PPP Canada). This cache search (link included) was up to date as of November 18th, 2011.,+%2B%22sport+infrastructure%22&ct=clnk

Pay special notice to Page 5.


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